Just Starting Out? Here’s some advice on choosing the correct starting weight

A common pattern generally occurs here. Women tend to underestimate their
own strength whilst guys will let their egos take over and opt for something too heavy! I was exactly the same when I started out. I was a well conditioned weight trained individual. But I wasn’t conditioned for the way in which kettlebells train the body! Surely, I thought, if I can happily shoulder press 28kg dumbbells, I could happily manage a 24kg kettlebell? Nope!
So, lets break this down. For the females amongst you, go with the following as a starting point
Non weight trained.
In this category, even if you’re an aerobic diva, start with a 10kg or 12 kg bell for 2 handed swings and an 8kg for most other things. 10 really is a minimum for swings as you will need that much just to give yourself the necessary feedback to indicate correct form.
Weight trained
I’m going to state 12-16 here for 2 handed swings and let you decide what feels right. Caveat being that you aim to move to 16 just as soon as you can. 8-12 kg for everything
else. That’s quite a range but I have to make allowances for the different strength levels amongst you.
Non weight trained
12-16 kg for swings with a move to the 16 as soon as possible. Most likely a 12 kg for everything else.
Weight trained
16-20kg for swings. For everything else a 12 to a 16kg.
This is just a guide of course. You may also be able to use the heavier weight for squats, deadlifts and other kettlebell exercises. But you need to be prepared to invest a little here. You will outgrow the bells pretty  quickly if you follow my advice on this website. There are other variables that you can employ to make the lighter weight feel more intense again but, ultimately as you gain strength and experience, you will need heavier bells.

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