Fitness Classes

Everyone is welcome at Kettlebell Nation as the kettlebell is easily adaptable to all fitness levels. New members will receive small group tuition.  This will help get you up to speed so you can join the main group.

Training in a class environment isn’t just about keeping the costs down.  It is also about training with like-minded individuals who have common goals in mind. It’s about entering into the club spirit and encouraging each other to achieve what you never thought was possible.


Personal Trainer

If you want a Personal Trainer that will specifically work around your lifestyle and location, to help you structure an exercise program to meet your needs with your current fitness levels, then Kettlebell Nation would love to help you.

As a Personal Trainer and a gold medal-winning athlete, I am well placed to help you through this minefield of information and help you achieve your personal fitness goals in a supportive, efficient, safe and timely manner.


Online Personal Training

With our online personal training support, Kettlebell Nation will design your personalised health and fitness programme and help you achieve your goals with ongoing guidance and support.

Your personal training programme will be easily accessible 24/7 on your device of choice so whether you choose to exercise at the gym, at home or outdoors I can be with you anytime, anywhere.

I can provide you with your personalised health and fitness programme and help you achieve your goals with ongoing guidance and support.

What my customers say

“I first started working with Del in 2015 when I was some 5 stones heavier and very unfit. Del was non-judgemental and encouraging and set up a programme that helped me develop a good level of fitness whilst accommodating my size. 
Having now lost all of the weight, I am back under the guidance of Del, following his Kettlebell pentathlon training plan and getting his expert advice on good form. He is always willing to share his knowledge and is incredibly supportive. A top Personal Trainer and a genuinely nice guy”

Angela Cox

“Great trainer. Del catered very well for me as a beginner to kettlebells. He always manages to keep the sessions fresh and just the right side of achievable. Del has helped me improve my fitness as well as strength, having moved from a 12 kg bell to an 18 in a short space of time.  I envisage doing my first kettlebell competition soon.”

Anthony Maw

“I was a complete beginner to any kind of gym training. Del got me hooked on kettlebells in no time at all and I suddenly found my calling. I have since competed in several kettlebell pentathlon competitions and even managed a Gold medal in one of those. A very proud moment. Del has a very easy to approach manner and always gets the best out of me.”

Sandra O’Brien

“When I made the decision to compete at the IKMF World Championships in Kettlebell Marathon I realised that I would need a coach by my side to achieve my goals. To me, this coach needed to be someone professionally experienced as a coach, but more important, on top of this very sport I want to compete in. I became aware of Del and his achievements in kettlebell sport and especially in the marathon discipline some time ago and decided to send him a message.”

“Del was able to identify my current abilities in no time and created a personalised schedule based upon these abilities and my goals for the task at hand.
I got to know Del as a very professional man, who is always up for feedback, adaptations and a quick fix for when life gets in the way.”

“Del is clearly not the kind of coach, ordering you around and telling you to quit whining, but one that knows how to encourage and motivate to always give your best in a very friendly yet objective way. If you need a drill sergeant, look somewhere else. If you are looking for a professional trainer and accomplished athlete, that is still on top of his sport to help you achieve your goals. Ask Del Wilson.”

Sascha Wege, German Kettlebell Marathon team