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EKA Open Pentathlon in Association with Kettlebell Nation


Some time has gone by since the EKA Open Pentathlon 2021 in Association with Kettlebell Nation and here are my thoughts on how it went.  I would say the build up was at least 10 weeks here. I’m not entirely sure when we announced it but I was super excited to get the announcement out…

Your Platform To An Awesome Performance

The date is set, The hard training is done, you’ve had a sensible de-load and you’re tentatively warming up at the venue. It’s a nerve wracking experience. What one thing literally stands between you and a great performance? That’s right, The Lifting Platform! Nothing gives you that final feeling of preparedness than the quality of…

Kettleyoga Workshop With David Keohan


Following a day of intense lifting at the previous days Pentathlon, 10 of the competitors and 3 others besides descended on A1 gym in Kettering for David’s Kettleyoga workshop. David conceived the idea for the workshop based on an obvious need, many kettlebell sport athletes lack mobility and flexibility!  The Kettleyoga program was developed specifically…

EKA Pentathlon UK Open


35 competitors, 5 lifting platforms and a whole lot of determination, The English Kettlebell Association UK Pentathlon Open was on!  October 6th, 35 competitors converged on The Ferrers School in Higham Ferrers to once again push themselves to their limits in the Kettlebell pentathlon. This was the second Pentathlon to be co-hosted by The Rushden…

English Kettlebell Association Pentathlon UK Open


English Kettlebell Association Pentathlon UK Open On October 6th, The Ferrers School in Higham Ferrers is the venue for the second Kettlebell Pentathlon to be co-hosted by Rushden Kettlebell Club. Over 40 athletes will converge on the school to lift, encourage, socialise, eat good food and generally have a great time such is the community…

Kettlebell Sport. What’s It All About And Where Do I Start?


Kettlebell sport  Introduction This article is aimed at anyone who has discovered the delights of kettlebell training and yet may well not even realise that kettlebell sport even exists. Believe me, you’re not alone!  In my experience, one  grows into kettlebell sport,  it’s highly unlikely that your decision to pick up a kettlebell for the…

Lifting, good days, bad days, it’s all part of the process


I’m no psychologist, that’s a fact, but I wanted to share my views on the battles that I sometimes have with my training and competing. We all have these I’m sure, but the general message you may get from social media is that everyone is generally on top of their game. I am like this.…

Kettlebell Pentathlon Training Guide


The kettlebell pentathlon is a very strategic event in comparison to traditional Girevoy Sport. 5 lifts, performed for 6 minutes each over a 50-minute time frame with a choice of up to 5 different weights to keep you company on the platform. The scope for variation is what makes it interesting to me. There are lots of…

IKMF Marathon World Championships 2017


Vanzaghello, Italy, that was the destination for the 2017 IKMF World Championships. This was my first attempt on the world stage for a marathon event. I’d had a pretty miserable time of it some 3 weeks prior at the GSU British championships. A fair portion of skin decided to part company with my hands at about…

The Kettlebell Pentathlon


The Kettlebell Pentathlon A new and exciting form of kettlebell sport is growing rapidly within the UK. It is the kettlebell pentathlon. Devised by Valery Fedorenko of the World Kettlebell Club, (WKC) it has from the onset, been designed to be more accessible than other forms of kettlebellsport, such as the biathlon. This does not necessarily mean that…


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