Personal Trainer

How does Personal Training work?

There will be an initial consultation which is free of charge. I will give you some forms to fill in but it's mainly about us having a chat to discuss your current situation, your goals and ultimately, plan a way forward. This is very much a two-way thing and I won't push you to more sessions than you can afford.

Where will we train?

We can either train at your house or nearby park (weather permitting) or I have access to 3 gyms in the Rushden area so you can pick from one of these.

If we train at home do I need some equipment?

Not at all. If you have some equipment then, by all means, we can use it but no equipment is necessary as I bring it to your house.

I'm not fit at all. Will it work for me?

Absolutely! Providing you have no serious medical issues that will need referring to a doctor first, then we will be good to go. These will be flagged up on the initial consultation. A lack of fitness is probably one of the reasons why you contacted a Personal Trainer in the first place, so don't fear that. I will meet you where you are currently with your fitness levels and progress you from there.

Isn't it a bit expensive?

When it comes to good health, what price can you put on that? Accountability is a big factor here. You are far more likely to keep to your sessions with a personal trainer than you are to keep up a gym membership. In time, you may become confident enough in your self to continue on your own once you have the knowledge to do so.

Will you shout at me? I don't want a bootcamp style session!

That's not my style at all. Gentle coaxing works better as far as I'm concerned. I believe in starting at a place where you feel comfortable and gradually increase the intensity as you become fitter and stronger. You will, of course, need to step outside of your comfort zone but not so much that you become stressed about your appointments with me.

Fitness Classes

I’ve never done kettlebells before, are the classes suitable for newbies like me?

Yes, absolutely. Like any new training medium, there is a learning curve. The advantage of using a qualified instructor is that you will be demonstrated safe, effective technique right from the start and then progressed in a safe and timely manner.

I’ve seen videos of kettlercise on YouTube, is that what you do?

In short, no. Whilst there is nothing wrong with the kettlercise programme, it is very cardio based utilising light weights. What I teach is more strength endurance based. You still get the cardio but with a much higher strength element.

Will I end up with big muscles?

No, kettlebells aren’t about building big muscles, let's leave that to the bodybuilders! What they will do when combined with a sensible eating plan is to help create a strong lean, flexible, toned physique with real-world strength and conditioning benefits.

Your class has now been running a while, can I just jump in?

Yes, you can. I will set the class in motion and then give you the lions share of attention. Alternatively, if you really want to hit the ground running, then I would recommend a couple of one to one sessions first. I would do these at a discounted rate if you were to follow on with a class booking.

I need to shed some fat, are kettlebells effective for this?

Absolutely. But, as with all training programs, weight loss will only occur if you have control over your diet. I can’t, therefore, guarantee weight loss and if anyone’s states that they can then they are purely interested in telling you whatever you want to hear to get you on board.

Weight loss of 1-3 lb per week is achievable if you follow a sensible diet plan! Kettlebells are reputed to burn up to 1000 calories an hour! For this to occur you would have to train like a demon and you would probably never come back!

The actual ‘hard’ workout section on my class will be approximately 30 minutes. If you are able to train with kettlebells for the full hour, then your intensity level is not high enough! However, within that half hour, the intensity is such that you will have the effects of what’s know as Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Production (EPOC) leading to fat burning for up to 48 hours after exercise.

Following a kettlebell session, the body has to work hard to return itself back to equilibrium: re-oxygenation of tissues, clearance of lactic acid, glycogen refuelling etc. This process demands energy and this energy comes from, you guessed it, your fat stores.

With only so many hours in the day and limited amounts of workout time the more calories, you can burn after exercise the better.

I have a back injury, are kettlebells going to be okay?

Kettlebells, when used correctly, can help to strengthen the lower back muscles and help guard against injury. However, if you have a long-standing chronic injury then I would advise you to seek the guidance of a professional practitioner whether that be a chiropractor, physio or osteopath before commencing kettlebell classes.

Kettlebells sound really tough, I’m not sure I’m fit enough?

You’re coming to my classes to get fit. It doesn’t matter what your starting level is. There are progressions within a lot of the exercises and you will start at the very easiest. You will be encouraged to progress at your own level. You will also be encouraged to step outside of your own comfort zone but never be expected to keep up with the person next to you if they are more advanced.

What size of kettlebell would I be starting with?

Typically men will start with a 12kg bell and women an 8kg. But, this will be assessed for each individual.

What’s the class format?

At each class, we will initially run through some mobilising exercises. This will be followed by core exercises. Then we will have a light bodyweight warm up before moving onto the 30-minute kettlebell dominant routine. Finally a bit of a stretch to cool down emphasising the hamstrings, hip flexors, thoracic spine and glutes. These are typically the 4 problem areas due to the amount of time we spend in the seated position.

What should I wear?

Just normal gym type clothing. This could be tracksuit bottoms or shorts and a T-shirt.

As regards to footwear, I would advise that you wear flat soled shoes as opposed to running shoes. Kettlebells require that you work from a firm base and the rubber cushioning that you will get from a running shoe is counterproductive to kettlebell training. Your own foot is a marvel of genetic design so barefoot is a perfect option.

Other than this, any form of trainer that doesn’t have an excessive heel to toe taper will be fine. Minimalist shoes are ideal but these can be expensive. Vibram Five fingers or a Merrell branded minimalist shoe is perfect.